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Four Madsen Siblings


Enjoy my content? Check out these other works by me and my siblings!

“Top Down, Bottom Up: Approaching Issues of Biblical Historicity”

An article I presented at two university conferences about how to evaluate competing claims made by religious faith and secular scholarship.

Atrium of Light Scripture Songs

A collection of over 100 original melodies that my family has written to help you memorize the word of God.

Atrium of Light Scripture Songs – YouTube Channel

YouTube videos and playlists with the text and audio of our scripture songs.

Journey in the Joy

A blog by my sister, Audrey Jolly, about increasing our capacity to receive.

Doria: My Life in a Dwarf Mine

An epic half-fantasy, half-sci-fi novel released serially by my brother Tyler Madsen.

CJ Madsen Music

The official website for my brother CJ Madsen, currently featuring his latest project, He Shall Prepare a Way, an opera depicting the story of Lehi’s family obtaining the Brass Plates.

CJ Madsen – YouTube Channel

Playlists of dozens of songs that my brother CJ had composed, arranged, or performed in.

One Fold, One Shepherd

The official website for CJ’s choral work based on 3 Nephi, One Fold, One Shepherd

Hymns of Hope

Weekly piano livestreams by CJ, and other upcoming events.